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The Midnight Library is Our Book Of The Month

Updated: Mar 11

The Read Up Book of the month in November is a beautiful book.

We have opted for a fiction book this month and we think you are going to really love it. The team at Eat Love Do Headquarters read it this month and immediately fell in love with it. So much so that we decided to create a book of the month post to bring to you each month. This month kicking off with this absolute gem.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

The Midnight Library

Matt Haig's unique novel The Midnight Library ponders the infinite possibilities of life.

It is about a young woman named Nora Seed, who lives a monotonous, ordinary life and feels unwanted and unaccomplished.

One evening she makes a decision that changes the course of her life. Again, and again.

To purchase your copy of The Midnight Library simply click here: The Midnight Library

We added a link for you to be able to purchase your own copy and have it delivered directly to you door via Amazon. If you do decided you'd love to purchase this book please do so via the link here. It won't cost you any more but it will support the growing of this site in a small way. Thank you from us for you support!

We also as an added extra for you have a link for you to be able to join Amazon Kindle for free for 30 days should you wish to do so. A little thank you from us and a generous offer from the team at Amazon Kindle.

Simply click here to access that offer also: Amazon Kindle Offer

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