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How To Work With & Choose Your Crystals

Everything on this planet holds energy; the soil, the stones, the trees, animals, us. The entirety of mother earth holds different vibrations and emits distinct frequencies. I believe that crystals have unique energies, attributes and energetic coding that we can pick up and work with, even if we’re not fully aware of how.

I fell into the world of crystals with no belief in their healing potential, just with magpie eyes and a love for all things that sparkle. Since working so closely with them, I have been surprised to have found them to be beautiful teachers, grounded companions and effective energy shifters.

Placebo or not, I haven’t looked back.

In this article I want to share my practices by answering a couple of the most commonly asked questions and hopefully inspire you to get curious and experience the joy of crystals for yourself!

How do you work with crystals?

I am never without a tumble (small, round, polished stone) in my bra! The reason for this is because it’s next to my heart. For me, having the crystal make contact with my skin is so activating and I, personally, feel it’s benefits to an enhanced extent.

For example, when I was at my most emotionally unbalanced, I can’t begin to tell you how much better I felt for having Chrysocolla so close to my heart.

Chrysocolla is known for it’s ability to soothe and promote a greater sense of emotional stability in the wearer and I really noticed the difference in myself if I ever forgot to wear it.

Working with tumbles are a quick, cost-effective way to reap the benefits of a stone’s particular properties. In the same vein, bracelets are also excellent for connecting to a stone’s energy, with the added bonus of looking great too!


Crystal grids can be an incredibly powerful manifestation tool combining the power of intention setting and the individual energy of all the crystals within the grid.

Clear quartz points are used in grids as it is a fantastic conductor of energy, sending the intention and properties of the crystals out into the room it is placed in.

You can create a grid for literally anything. Are you focused on bringing in more abundance? Are you wanting to be more productive? Would you like to create more loving energy within your home environment?

Use the natural properties found in crystals to harness their beautiful energy and ease the bringing about of your intentions. They can help to focus us and increase the likelihood of instigating change.

I, personally, have benefited so much from the added “shot” of positive energy a crystal grid can provide. I became obsessed with making them after my first attempt!

Other simple practices I love and you might want to try:

  • Meditating with Amethyst

  • Sleeping with Clear Quartz under your pillow if you’re in need of clarity

  • Having Citrine in your purse to attract in more abundance

How do you choose your crystals?

In truth, I think crystals choose us. I find, in both my personal experience and my client’s, that we are intuitively drawn to crystals, colours and specific properties at the time in which we need them.

For example, I can’t stop acquiring dusty pink crystals, such as Pink Amethyst and Flower Agate, as I am currently working with a lot of higher heart healing.

Before that, I was attracted to orange stones, such as Citrine and Carnelian, because I was needing to foster my creativity and passion and drive to move towards dreams and goals.

We, without even realising, align ourselves with their energy when we need it most. I always say, go with your first instinct. There’s a reason why you wanted that crystal’s energy. It wants to help support and heal you.

Ultimately though, there’s no right or wrong way to choose or work with crystals. The absolute joy and beauty of them is that it’s all intuitive. I may feel a certain energy from one crystal, and you may not resonate with that at all. It’s all about what works for you!

Lead with your intuition and you won’t go far wrong!

As we’re moving towards the Spring Equinox and the new astrological year, what crystal would you recommend working with to support welcoming in of new cycles?

Green Fluorite

Named after the Latin word, fluere, meaning ‘to flow,’ this crystal is all about clarity of heart. I experience Green Fluorite as such a beautiful light, playful yet focused energy – the energy that we embody when we are in flow state. When I connect with this crystal, I see it working as a metaphorical bridge between heart and mind.

The crystal-clear appearance of this stone reflects its ability to bring clarity to what is truly residing in our heart. We can often get lost in a sea of our own emotions (at least, I know I can!), Green Fluorite can aid that often challenging process of unravelling feelings we like to keep hidden beneath the surface. I like to work with it when I’m journalling and have found it to be really beneficial for coming to terms with the truth of what I’m experiencing.

Ultimately though, for me, Green Fluorite is a stone of regeneration. It calls to you when you’re ready to take the steps towards more lightness, more heart-centred living. If you’ve been navigating a personal winter in your life, let Green Fluorite support you in beginning to melt away the frost and welcoming in the sun, like Persephone gently waking the first buds of spring.


Editors Note

Hannah is an official Eat Love Do endorsed and trusted supplier of crystals. Her crystals are ethically sourced and of the highest quality. We highly recommend her!

Follow Hannah on Instagram at @navigatingyournorthnode for more crystals, tarot and if you are searching for any particular stone or just want to pick her brains about how crystals can benefit you.

All pictures are taken by Hannah and are of her stock.

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