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Living a life you love starts now.

Our first life transforming course is available.

Book your place now for a hugely reduced price, as a thank you from us, whilst we Beta Test it.

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The Inner Freedom Course

Are you ready to transform your life? 

We are opening spaces today to the beta testing of The Inner Freedom Course. We want to keep this small for a handful of people whilst we test and build this. So you get to be part of a very intimate group and even more hands on time with our Founder Janine Newberry.

  What you get:

  6 live online training sessions

  6 live online Q&A Sessions

  Private Facebook Group.

  Support Network of likeminded peeps.

  Direct access to Janine  to as she guides you through this life transforming Course.

  Your life and mindset transformed!!!!


Sign up today to get the massively reduced beta price whilst we test drive this baby and help you transform your life for a fraction of the price! You're welcome...


All this for the special Beta Training price of only £97, full price £650.  


You know you are ready for more in your life, so jump in & book here:


Here's some words from your facilitator of this course Janine Newberry:


 Hey Hey!! I’m Janine

 I specialise in removing money, business and confidence blocks giving you the freedom to create a business   and life that you LOVE!


 I have over 20 years experience in personal development, have built and sold businesses,  have reinvented   myself more times that you can imagine from being a full time model, TV Presenter,

 to serial entrepreneur and success coach. 


This Inner Freedom journey will fun, life changing and I CANNOT wait to see you shine like the bright star you are!! 


My personal journey has been rocky to say the least. I have been through massive trauma, setbacks and been to hell and back. So where ever you are in your journey know I’ve been there, come through the other side and I’ve got your back.


We start on Thursday 18th at 1pm and then continue on the next Thursday 25th & alternative Thursdays at 11am, 12pm or 1pm depending on what the majority prefer.

Don't worry if you can't start on that day. All the trainings will be in the group and we'll be going through this over 12 weeks so you'll have plenty of time to catch. Also there will be plenty of opportunity for you to access me so I can help you through any part of the process.

Live trainings will be held via zoom and recordings placed in our private Facebook group. This is totally private to our small group so know that what goes in the room stays in the room. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live trainings you can watch the recordings, you’ll get everything you need.


You’ll also have access to me via the live Q&A’s which I’ll hold at different times, evenings and maybe weekends depending what people need. I’m super flexible on this. I want you all to have THE BEST experience possible!


We will start on Thursday 12th at 11am and then alternate Thursdays at 11am.

So it will be held once a fortnight, rather than once a week, which will give you time to absorb and implement it and for me to be able to give you the very best experience too. 

Recordings will be in the private FB Group so you can catch up and rewatch as often as you like. 

I will also hold a Facebook live Q&A each following week to answer questions you may have & a recording of this will be left in the group also.


And as an EXTRA BONUS I’m going to give everyone who joins my beta training a free 1:1 coaching session with me.


I will only be offering this to this group. I won’t be able to offer it in the future as there will be too many to cater for in bigger groups.

I charge in excess of £250 for a 1:1 private coaching session so this is a HUGE bonus for you as a big thank you from me for supporting me through this beta training. So thank you!


The only thing I ask from you in return is that you:

Show up, do the work, hold yourself accountable and share with me your progress each week and give me an obviously glowing testimonial sharing how this life changing course has helped you! Fair enough? You betcha it is!!


You get all of this for the incredibly reduced Beta Training price of £97, full price will be £650 for the next time we launch it and then the price will be going up again after that.


To join simply secure your space via the start now button below.


Once you've paid the £97 I’ll be in touch to give you all the info and you will be sent a link to join the private Facebook Group. Werhoo!! 

. See you there! 🤩

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Our Online Store
Is Launching! 

We have got some exciting online courses that are going to help you transform your body, your mind, your life and your life business coming soon!

We are kicking everything of with a beta test of our first life transforming Inner Freedom Course. Scroll down for details and be one of our fab beta students and you'll get to experience this life transforming course at a fraction of the price whilst we iron out the kinks and take it live!


Prefer to mingle and learn in person? Well we have workshops, live events and retreats coming this way soon too. Werhoo!

If you are a coach or expert in your field and feel you have what it takes to deliver fantastic content and training to our audience then sign up in the box below too. Info will be emailed out on how you can apply.

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"You are only ever one choice away from creating a different future."
          -Janine Newberry

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