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What do you do for self care?

I have found it such a habit (and so acceptable) to be always ‘looking forward’.

To my holiday, a festival, getting that room decorated, being a certain weight (what a trap) and other future fantasies, that I’m making it a practice to find joy in each day.

Getting out into nature, enjoying a dip in fresh water, sitting around a fire with friends, sharing food together, aren’t these the greatest treasures of all?

In a society which labels us as successful the more we consume, it’s such a radical thought to treasure these little experiences, and to learn to pause, and be in the moment.

Creating new habits is the beginning of this for me.

Getting out of bed earlier to meditate, enjoying some breath work, moving and stretching on the yoga mat, setting intentions for the day ahead. Journalling and reading. All of this gets me into the right mindset to begin my day before interacting with my phone, other people or the demands of a busy life being an entrepreneur, grandma and mum.

Ensuring I have the right diet, supplements, environment and exercise balance at any one time, and protecting my energy.

I do this by steering clear of TV (although in the winter I might watch a couple of Netflix series), keeping my home clear of unwanted clutter (note the term ‘unwanted’) and taking time each day to check in with myself, getting in touch with friends and also just stopping sometimes.

I don’t know about you, but my life since lockdown has felt at times intense, demanding and non-stop. So my self care is to create a great environment in which to live work and play, and to find balance in all that I do. Far from meaning reclining with a face mask on and cucumber slices covering my eyes, this can mean going into work at 7am on my day off to sort out the recycling and cleaning, knowing that the business is ready for the day – so much more productive than ‘trying to relax’ whilst feeling under pressure!

Booking in some regular time off to really relax, listening to music, dancing, learning new stuff and finding ways to contribute are a sure fire way to live with passion and enthusiasm for me.

It’s all about progress, not perfection.

What do you do for self care?

Clare Honeyfield is a coach working with entrepreneurs and creatives.

You will find her on social media raving about all things ‘creativity, courage and community’.

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