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How To Come Back To Love No Matter The Situation

We all have the capacity to love.

A capacity to love beyond measure. Without conditions, without fear, without judgment.

Yet, we do not.


Why if we are immeasurable beings of love and light do we choose to dance in the dark. Flirting with the light for mere fleeting moments. Rejoicing in the memory of those moments as though they were treasures of immense value, rare and in short supply.

When the truth is they are abundant and available to as at all moments. All we have to do is reach out and we will touch them. Allow them to be and so they shall.

We veil ourselves in doubts, fear, hurt, anger, mistrust, jealousy and declare ourselves to be treated unjustly by life, by life’s circumstances and by others.

When it is in actual fact us that is the unjust one.

Condemning ourselves to a life of isolation, solitude and separation from the universal truth that we are powerful, immense love and capable of so much more than we can even begin to fathom and more importantly, accept.

What is it that keeps us this way?

We long for love yet we push it away. Barricading ourselves and our hearts from openly giving or receiving of the love that is so freely available to us. We long to find a loving partner that will love, cherish and accept all of that that we are. Yet we do not offer the same compassion and love of them in return, or of ourselves. Instead we find fault in them, in others, in ourselves. We label others as wrong, bad, cruel or unkind for not acting or being in a way that we have set the expectations for them to be.

I mean, how dare they behave, think or desire differently us! How dare they not act only in accordance to our unobtainable expectations of them they are blissfully unaware of! How dare they choose to act in a way that serves their heart and not ours?

The very indignation of it has us reeling into despair, grief and torment. Clamouring to put up walls to protect ourselves from their deception and selfishness.

When the truth is, it is us who is being selfish in the thinking that all around us should bend and mould to our will.

We can create, manifest, bring to light and into our very world anything that we can imagine and dare to believe for ourselves. Yet we condemn those around us and ourselves for not doing so. We blame rather than take accountability for our own inability to create the life and inner peace we truly desire.

I mean… how can we be responsible for all the pain and misfortune we are encountering?

“Surely not….!” We cry and bury it quickly and deeply within us, to depths we dare not creep.

To acknowledge THAT truth is painful beyond belief.

Yet… it is the very truth that if we dare to embrace it, will set us free from the shackles of our past, pain and misguided beliefs. It is the very truth that will indeed set us free.

It is the simplest path yet is often perceived as the most difficult. It is in fact the simplest, easiest and most satisfying path once we navigate our way upon it.

Truth is the path, belief is the vehicle and love is the guide.

If we allow love to be our guiding force upon any terrain we fear or desire to tread, we will be victorious in our undertaking, in our journey and in our deliverance to that we seek. Love will always bring us to a place of understanding, knowing, compassion, happiness, joy, success and ultimately love.

Love will always bring us to love.

So how do we navigate our way towards this elusive path?

To walk every day upon it, revelling in its majesty and honouring our own heart or longing.

We simply choose to.

Each. And. Every. Day.

OK… sounds easy enough… yet our mind may think probably not…

So we quiet our minds from it’s internal conversations, programming and chatter by giving it what it craves. We give it the opportunity to find and know solutions. To come to the truth and what is right. To be right.

And oh how our minds love to be right.

We retrain our thinking and automatic programming and therefor our wisdom, beliefs and knowing.

We quieten the doubts and questions of “how will this work? This is too difficult! what if I fail?’ and so on. We instead give our minds a new avenue to mull along, a new puzzle to solve and new thoughts to believe and ponder. We train it to think in a new and more supportive, loving way.

We do this by asking ourselves a better quality of question.

We choose to ask ourselves what would love do in this situation?

What would love say to this person?

How would love see them, it, us?

What does love hear when they say that?

What does love hear when we say that?

If I know I am always loved, how may I move forward and what decision may I make differently?

If I know I am enough, I no longer need to seek validation outside off myself, from another, or the world, what now would I choose to do, be and have?

What would love have me say?

What would love have me know?

What would love have me do?

What would love do in this situation, moment or pain?

You can choose many variations and many questions like this. You can also simply ask this one very powerful question each time:

What would love do?

The power of the question is in the pausing and listening for the answering of it. It is in the shifting of perception of the very thing it seeks the truth of. It is in the routing of the answer in the only truth there is. Love.

Love is the only truth. Love is always the answer and love always has the answer, which may not be the one our mind or ego seeks. Yet it always be the answer our heart and soul knows and yearns for our mind to catch up with.

This takes practise at first and discipline to choose to listen to that quiet voice of truth. That voice of love and intuition. The voice of our inner guidance and deep wisdom.

The quiet voice within us that once revealed and nurtured will grow stronger, louder, fiercely loving and powerfully guide us to our true calling, our true self, to our truth.

We will become fearless. We will become powerful. We will be a force for good. We will have abilities and an infinite knowledge available for us to yield as we so choose. We will become loving, gorgeous, empowered, strong, invincible, compassionate and shining beacon of light and love.

We will remember that we always were.

The only thing that dimmed our light was our own fears and inability to see our truth.

The truth that are powerful beyond measure. That we are beautiful. That we resonate at a vibration that can move worlds. The worlds that is that we all create for ourselves and live within. The truth that we create our own world and future as we choose it to be. That we are more than enough, and some!

The truth that we are loved. We love. We are love.

The path is simple, yet the journey is long. The journey is a lifetime.

So don’t be in a rush to get to the outcome right away. It’s taken you many years to get to the point you are at now. So it may take you some time to fully be living in the life you truly wish.

Can it happen immediately? Yes, it can. Absolutely!

The only snag is our mind sometimes needs a little extra time to catch up with what our heart already knows.

So be patient with it. Be patient with yourself. Nurture your mind like you would a small child. Teach it gently, lovingly and show it the way.

Let it slowly be reprogrammed to the new software you are uploading to it. Like a computer it is only as powerful as the knowledge/software you pour in to it. Like a computer it has the power and capacity for so much more. It is only hindered by what we choose to put within it.

Repetition is the mother of all learning. Eat, sleep, repeat. Until one day you eventually find yourself running the new program on autopilot. Keep coming back to it by asking yourself each and every day “What would love do?”

The question is the anchor to the new program being, growing and remaining installed. It is the short circuit back to love.

So no matter the situation, no matter the emotion you are experiencing, no matter the outcome you desire. The question is always the same.

What would love do?

And the answer is always the same.

We do what love would do.

We all have the capacity to love.

A capacity to love beyond measure. I believe this is what love would do.

Janine Newberry

Janine Newberry is the Founder of Eat Love Do.

Janine is a radio presenter on WRS, Women’s Radio Station and her weekly show Eat Love Do, talking all things women’s health, happiness and Lifestyle. As well as being placed on 32 podcast platforms globally.

Janine is also a kickass Success Coach and empowers women globally through her content, workshops and sessions.

Work with Janine, contact her via her website or social media Instagram @janinenewberry

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