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Heal The Trauma to Remove the Drama

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Unhealed trauma is the number 1 cause of emotional and physical suffering.

It is also the number 2 cause of emotional and physical suffering.

And number 3.

In fact unhealed trauma has A LOT to account for.

But here is the thing…...

When you do the work to heal the trauma, you remove the drama.

Once you actually LET GO of those old stories and emotions you begin living at a new vibrational level of existence.

It's incredible, and it happens FAST, like lightning speed!

Let’s rewind for just a moment and clarify what exactly trauma is.

I used to think only ‘BIG’ things were trauma - like chronic physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect.But I have come to realise that even the tiniest of incidents tha occured as an impressionable child can become the BIG giant things that we spend our lives seeking evidence to validate.

Once something is imprinted into our mind- it stays there.We have to actively decide that we no longer choose that as our reality. Because the good news is- we get to choose how we experience the world. So a new reality to always possible!

In fact I am going to give you a few cool things to do right now to experience a new reality. Ready?

Exercise 1:


Imagine this:

It is the day you were born. You see yourself as this beautiful and perfect tiny baby. Imagine that the first words you heard were:

You are the most incredible, limitless being alive. You are here for a purpose and you are destined to do great things.

You have absolute certainty that you are divinely guided every step of the way. You will move through your entire life with ease and grace.

Imagine that your parents told you this every day. Imagine that these words were imprinted into your subconscious mind. Imagine right now as if these words were true.

How would your life be different? Let your imagination run wild. The most important thing is to FEEL the FEELINGS!

Notice how you feel even thinking about this. Pretty powerful, right?

You can repeat that mantra to yourself every day now.

Exercise 2:

This is a super simple way to get rid of old beliefs. (But do remember, when we take a lifetime to reinforce beliefs, sometimes we might need someone to facilitate a process for us to remove the old belief.)

  1. Think of a limiting belief that is related to a childhood trauma- you can identify these easily by acknowledging an area in your life where you currently are not getting what you want. For example, you think you were meant to be broke, or fat, or you are not smart enough… you get the idea.

  2. Now write a letter to your younger self- a letter of forgiveness for holding on to this old story for so long. Talk about how it has stopped you from living your life as fully as you might like, about how you’ve been limited because you’ve chosen to believe this story.

  3. Now go and destroy the letter- you can burn it (safely!) or simply tear it up into small pieces and discard it. Say a little affirmation as you let it go- something like ’I now choose to be free of this belief from today forever more, this no longer has a hold on me’.

  4. Now create a belief that is much more empowering belief- often the exact opposite of your old limiting belief. Write it down, say it out loud and make it a daily affirmation. Look for evidence of this new belief and CHOOSE to believe it.

It really is that easy. If you need to clear old trauma, it is a choice, a choice to stop allowing the past to define you and believing there is a new way forward for you.

What action are you prepared to take to release old trauma?

Denise is a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT)

and a Confidence and Career Coach.

She also specialises in Corporate Team Building and Corporate Wellbeing.

If you want to know more you can email Denise to find out the many ways you can work with her.

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